Tiger Sugar, the original creator of the world's first “drink” dessert started its humble beginning in Taiwan in 2017. Behind our 10+ years of painstaking research and development, we created many unique desserts with brown sugar as our key ingredient. The most popular amongst all our products is the world-renowned brown sugar boba bubble tea. The one and only brown sugar boba are prepared fresh daily and its cooks under 8 patience hours to bring out the sweet unique aroma and perfect texture to consume. Each of our drinks is handcrafted to order with our special tiger sugar stripe design alongside with perfect marriage of ingredients that bring you a product that is aesthetically pleasing and impeccable taste. It’s ultimately an unforgettable taste of Taiwan and a flavor that you deserve.

Meticulous : Strictly proportionated, balance in nutrition.

Elaborate: Carefully select every ingredient and make it become a gourmet.

Patience: Patiently cook the boba, ensure every boba is made perfectly.

Love: Every cup of drinkable dessert we make, let you feel beauty of life.